Daily Rune Pull January 18, 2019 Ansuz

Ansuz - Empathic Healings

It is imperative that we stay connected to Source as strongly and as often as we may this day. Ansuz translates literally as Utterance of God or from God's mouth. It is our connection to Divinity, our intuition that is to be the focus of our day today. In 2018 we pulled this Rune 11 times and only twice was it in the upright position. This is the 1 st pull of Ansuz in 2019, we may hope there is less resistance in us, to our own intuition, than we allowed last year. Open your senses today and take this opportunity to communicate your Truth.

Greater connection to Spirit is at hand when we pull this Rune. Ansuz is a Rune of communication, both Divine and Mundane. It is the messages we receive from Spirit and the communications we pursue to help us describe who we are choosing to be. On this day the message is clear to me: Pay attention to your intuition. Pay attention to the signs, emotions and words from others and yourself. Your connection to Spirit is strong right now and it is to your benefit to listen to your heart today, intellect alone will fail you.

Communication and emotion are tied tightly together today. Be aware that your words will have greater impact than you are used to perceiving. What you say to others will have increased impact today. Also, what you say about yourself will be equally powerful. So as you go through your day today be extra aware of how you feel about any given thing and honor those feelings above intellect alone, without your connection to Divinity on this day, words alone will fail. Keep your connection alive and feed it throughout this day and watch the Magic happen.

Be extra aware of where we are energetically right now, today. We have just experienced a total eclipse and New Moon passing into Pisces. As this moon waxes to full our words have tremendous manifestation ability; choose your words with Wisdom today and throughout this month. Our words carry power out into our world and we share this experience with others. Use this power to create the World you dream of instead of the World you fear.

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