Daily Rune Pull April 16, 2018 - Nauthiz Merkstave

I sit here, slowly shaking my head. Reality is what we believe to be true. Always, no matter what we say we desire, the Universe gives us what we truly believe. Look around you. Things are the way they are because this is what we believe is true about us. Resisting what is, is futile. This is what we have created. Now, own it. Then we may begin the process of transformation.As long as we blame others for our reality we are powerless to change it.

Today, know that it is your Shadow at work, helping you discern and define what you are resisting. This is our creation, individually and collectively. What are you pushing against?

Nauthiz Merkstave can be a particularly vexing Rune to receive, it operates through awareness of our own resistance to circumstances in which we find ourselves. That resistance will also be the root cause of the suffering, the powerful longing we feel for things to be other than they are. Any time we receive a Rune in the Merkstave