Experience Rian's unique empathic healing abilities

About Healings

Multiple healing modalities are offered to address any issue experienced by any individual.  By offering multiple healing disciplines Rian is able to provide guidance and relief spanning dis-ease and distress experienced in the Body, Mind or Spirit.

Whether your concerns are Physical, Emotional or Spiritual we are able to offer the support and relief from suffering you desire and deserve.

I'm new to this.  What happens in a session?

We start the session by discussing which areas of healing you wish to focus on.  During the session, you lie fully clothed and relaxed on a massage table or zero gravity chair.  Next, energy is systematically directed into specific points on the head and/or body to facilitate healing.  At the end of the session, it is typical to feel relaxed, recharged and refreshed.  How does it get better than that?

Where do I start?

If you are new to energy work, an Empathic Energy Healing session is a great place to start!

I still have questions!

Your comfort is important.  Rian is always happy to answer your questions by phone, email, or in a free consultation.  


Experience Rian's unique healing abilities with an Empathic Energy Healing Session.  Rian will listen to your concerns to determine the best way to help you.  As he experiences your energy, he will direct the healing to the areas that most need it.  Multiple healing modalities may be used for maximum healing results including Access Consciousness Bars, Access Body Processes, Energetic Facelift, and Symphony Sessions.


If you are new to energy healing or aren't sure what you need, this is a great place to start!

Access Consciousness Bars® is a healing modality that deletes the original limiting thoughts, judgments and fears we hold that are the root of many of our problems, issues and even physical ailments.

After receiving an Access Bars session, people often experience greater mental clarity, motivation and problem solving capacity, significant increase in joy and happiness, deeper relaxation and non interrupted sleep.

Give it a try!  All you have to lose is judgments, fears, and limitations.

The Access Body Processes, created by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer, invite you to change the way you relate to your body... and thus everything in your life.

Are you and your body asking for more or something different?  What if our bodies are a great contribution to our lives being different?

Try a body process session and find out.

The Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift® is a gentle, non-invasive energetic healing technique that rejuvenates the face and neck area and reverses the appearance of aging as we've come to expect, and accept, aging to appear to us.

Imagine having a natural facelift instead of spending time & money on products or surgery!