HJ Fair Jan.png

Rian Dean of Empathic Healings is excited to announce he will be participating in the Harmonic Journeys Color Your World; Rainbow Holistic Fair!

Rian will be offering a 30-minute Empathic Healing sample session for $40. During this session, we will address any change you wish to create in your life and choose the energy modality that offers the greatest possibilities. How much change will you choose?

Rian will also offer discovery readings using the Norse Runes. A Runic Life Path reading offers individuals the opportunity to ask questions regarding their own path and discover possibilities they may have never considered before. The Norse (Viking) Runes are the oldest form of divination known to Western Societies. Their energy and wisdom are timeless, and Rian has developed a unique process to bring these ancient energies into the present to create a future free of the past. Readings last between 20 and 30 minutes and are $40.

There is an entrance fee to the fair of $5.