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Experience Rian’s unique empathic healing abilities! Rian will listen to your concerns to determine the best way to help you. As he experiences your energy, he will direct the healing to the areas that most need it. 

Learn what Rian has to offer!


Why was I born? What is my vocation? What is my destiny?

A Rune Reading can provide answers to these questions and more!

Find out how the Runes can help you.


What if learning something new changed your whole life? Rian specializes in classes to help empaths overcome their challenges and thrive! Rian also teaches classes on Access Consciousness Bars.

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We Are Open For Business!

All employees of Empathic Healings will follow guidelines for social distancing as provided by The State of Ohio. Clients and employees are required to wear a mask at this time.

We hope that you remain healthy and are able to make the most of these interesting times.

Are you Looking for Change?

Rian is currently offering Empathic Energy Healing sessions, Rune readings, and consultations online using the Zoom online conferencing software! All you need is a computer, tablet, or cell phone, and an internet connection. Now is the perfect time for change, growth, and expansion!

Are you Struggling During these Times?

Visit Rian's YouTube Channel for great inspirational videos addressing these times and providing free tools to help you to not only cope but to thrive!

About Rian

Rian Dean is an Empathic Energy Healer, Teacher, Reader, and Joyfulness Coach focused on empowering his clients to create any change in their lives they choose.

Combining Empathic Empowerment Training® and Access Consciousness® Bars, Body Processes, Symphony, and energetic facilitation, Rian holds the space his clients require to create the changes in their lives they never believed were possible.

Our Location

Rian's office is in a new location!

We have temporarily relocated to a new office directly across the street from our old location.  

Empathic Healings Inc. • 28954 Lorain Road • Suite 103 • North Olmsted, OH 44070